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About Education & Outreach

SRP 2014 group

The University of Pittsburgh MIDAS Center of Excellence provides training opportunities that prepare the next generation of scientists with the acumen to collaborate and communicate across disciplines with modelers, behavioral scientists, economists, public health authorities, policy makers, and importantly, the general public. As the field of infectious disease modeling grows in scope and complexity, scientists will be required to move beyond the boundaries of their own field of study and develop new skills and organizational models to support team science. Building upon 5 years success with the MIDAS-funded Education & Outreach Core, the specific objective of the Training, Outreach, and Diversity component is to communicate the knowledge base of this dynamic, cross-disciplinary field by providing:

  • integrative coursework,
  • online webinars,
  • workshops and conferences in current topics to train students, academics, practitioners, and policy-makers in systems thinking.


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